Violin cover of Hysteria - Muse

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A violin cover of Hysteria by Muse
Created with 37 individual violin tracks + 1 drum track
Hope you enjoy!

Violin Cover of Muse’s track Hysteria
Made with 37 individual violin tracks + 1 drum track

Check out my Violin Cover for Alt-J - Breezeblocks


My violin cover of Alt-J - Breezeblocks
Used Alt-J’s original drum and sythn bass stems found on their soundcloud
Hope you all like it!

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My violin cover of Alt-J - Breezeblocks
Used Alt-J’s original drum and sythn bass stems found on their soundcloud
Hope you all like it!

My violin cover of Alt-J - Breezeblocks
Used Alt-J’s original drum and sythn bass stems found on their soundcloud
Hope you all like it!

:: G-Market Haul 3 ::


Just a little haul of skin care, beauty products and two of my favourite albums.
It is a small haul this time because Im using all the money in my G Account!
I had 89,450 won in the account. Some left overs from previous purchases because of over weighing and the best thing! I won 50,000won in the Top Bloggers!
GMarket is THE best!! I know the shipping can be pricey but if you shop right, like getting the coupons and checking member’s benefits corner everyday. It is definitely worth it! Also you will be purchasing things that you might not be able to get in your country. The fashion is different in Korea, the wonderful beauty products are all good quality and probably half the price than what you will pay in your local stores!

1. [The Face Shop]
Herb Day Cleansing Foams [####]

Im a big fan of The Face Shop’s cleansing foams especially the Mung Bean (if you have acne this is the one for you) and the one I currently use, Charcoal with Phyto Powder (good for oily skin). They are generous with the amount that they pack into the tube so it will last you a heap amount of washes.
Cleanses the face well with a natural core ingredient. 
I was immediately happy when I found a 4 pack with a ridiculously good price. Four tubes for 13,200won on top of a 660won discount coupon.


2. [Mizon] 
Ultra Repair Wonder Cream [####]

First off. Woah was not expecting the tub to be this big! I had the impression that it was just a facial cream. But silly me I didnt read the label which clearly said that it was a 300ml container. So yes its not JUST for the face but for your body to. 
I was only willing to buy this product because I saw that it had Hyluronic Acid. I have been using Hada Labo’s toner and cream for some time now and that stuff is amazing for my dry skin! And I can say the same thing with this Mizon product. Absolutely amazing. It may seem thick from the container but once you let it sink into your skin it leaves it hydrated and smooth and so soft! And it works well with the HadaLabo toner. It also came with a special GMarket discount.
Original price = 19,800 GMarket discount = 10,900 Total amount is = 8,900 


3. [PeriPera]
Peri’s Tint Jelly Type [####]

I haven’t really used much products on my lips. Gloss, balms, lipsticks.
Occasionally the only Maybelline balm stick thing that I have that changes colour according to your skin. Which I do like…if i remember to apply it.
So I thought I’ll give this ago. I chose the most natural looking colour that was available and settled with the Mango Jelly stick. And yes it is very natural. Not to red and not too pink. So its safe for me to use it everyday and smells exactly like mango! It came with a free heat pack. Too bad I cant use it now because its Summer where I live now haha. 9,000won


5. [The Face Shop]
Face it! Waterproof Auto Eyeliner [####]

I have been using the Gel Auto Eyeliner version for quite some time now but in Khaki only because I read the label wrong when I was buying it in my local Face Shop. Told myself I definitely have to get this in Black. I couldnt find it in Gel Auto Liner form so I thought I would try this one out! I am yet to try it.



6. [Epik High]
Epilogue [####]

After a few years of downloading music for free I told myself as a musician myself, out of respect I should make an effort to buy all the CDs that I have downloaded. So I am slowly starting this great task. Starting off with my all time favourite Korean Hip Hop group Epik High. If you havent heard any of their music I suggest you should! Even if you dont understand their lyrics. The beats that they create are just amazing. This is one of my favourite albums of theirs. Love all the tracks on here. Featuring some great underground talent. Bumkey, Yanki [TBNY] and SeongAh. Check out this album!

7. [Epik High]
Remapping the Human Soul [####]

This was the first album that I head from Epik High and Ive never gone back. Hands down this is their best works. In my opinion, because this is the album that sits in the middle between being “underground” and finally being recognised for their work to the public. So they still have their true Hip Hop underground sound, with maybe a few pop sounds especially in their single Love Love Love. Fan was another single that became popular. It was so hard to find this album with a reasonable price! Some website were just way over price. And G Market did not have it in stock everytime I made a purchase. Until now! Finally. So I had to get my hands on this!!


So all of this cost me 59,980won
Shipping was this time around under weighed so it was a total of 34,480won
Altogether 94,460won 
Which is all good cause it was all technically free! Whoooo! haha 
Shipping was really fast 
Ordered: 25/11/2012
Arrived: 4/12/2012 

:: Syncing ::

Have you ever experienced a day that just syncs so well with everything? How every event just flows nicely into each other. How you are presented with a fork in the road and make the decision to go down a path and it was just meant to be for the better?

Well I had that kind of day today!

Woke up early to do some last minute study for my last exam for my degree.
Then got the news that my dad wanted to join us to Melbourne.
Good link 1 

Friend came to pick me up.
Harmony exam was damn easy.
Aced the listening section not too sure about multiple choice but who gives a fuck. I’m sure my assignments are sufficient enough give me at least a passing mark for the unit.
Good link 2

Went out for some celebration churros!
Good treats and good company. Laughs all around maybe a bit too loud.
But who cares we just finished our last exam!
Back to uni, followed my friend to student service.
Now while I was waiting I was considering if I should ask my friend for a ride home or stay and wait till I get picked up.
Fork in the road.
I chose to stay.
Doing a favour for my friend, I walked to the library and returned her books.
As I am about to hand in the books.
I hear “Iziiiii”.
Turn around and HE is there…. 
Seeing his smile just made my day even better
He seemed out of breathe so I asked him,
Him: “I saw you walking from the cafe so I ran”
Me: “Why didnt you call my name?”
Him: “I couldnt be bothered so I kept running, to catch up to you”

[Aw sweet…but why..why do yo have to do these things….]

I kept him company while he had his late lunch.
He was so excited to tell me about his holiday plans.
Then he tells me, that he’s going to Japan for a month.
And that can only mean one thing.
He is going to meet up with his Ex.
Now things can happen and things might not happen.
But they have been together for about two years.
But whatever it is I will be happy for him.
If all else fails, I want to be his close friend. His Bro.
He also asked alot of questions about me, usually he will never ask these
sought of things. Especially questioning about my parents. 
Good Link 3

I couldnt help but thinking..
If I took that ride home with my friend
I would have never bumped into HIM…
Life works in weird ways sometimes…